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Bank of St Helena Vacancy Application

This form is for Vacancy Applications that are available at the time of submission. If a vacancy is not available, this form will be marked as invalid.

This form can be completed offline. You can complete the application offline and then click ‘Submit Application’ when your internet connection is restored.

All compulsory fields are marked with ‘*’.


Dr / Mr / Mrs / Ms / Miss

A Vetting Certificate will be required for successful candidates

You must provide a Current Vetting Certificate and give the name of the local police authority from whom you have obtained these details. A past conviction will not necessarily be a bar to obtaining a position within Bank of St Helena.

Criminal Convictions

If you have any ‘Unspent’ or ‘Spent’ convictions, please give details on a separate sheet and place in an envelope marked ‘CONFIDENTIAL’.

Proficiency in English Language

Please indicate your level of fluency: 1 = Fluent, 2 = Moderate, 3 = Basic


Do you consider yourself to have a disability, within the following definition?

Reason for Application


Employment History / Experience

List jobs held, staring with your Present or most recent employment. Include temporary jobs if relevant. Layout: Date from. Date to. Name of Employer. Position Held. Nature of Duties (including reason for leaving).

Education and Professional Qualifications Obtained

List jobs held, staring with your Present or most recent employment. Include temporary jobs if relevant. Layout: Institution. Qualification. Grade. Date Obtained.

Training Courses

Please provide details regarding any relevant training courses that you have attended or currently undertaking, together with the date completed or to be completed by. Layout: Course Title. Training Provider. Duration. Year Completed.

Qualified by Experience

If you do not have the essential qualifications for the Post, please give details/examples of how you qualify by experience. Ensure enough information is provided to allow an assessment to be made.
Qualified by Experience; previous relevant demonstrable experience that shows the role can be undertaken competently in the absence of the qualifications.


Please describe briefly your out of work activities


Professional references will be sought from your current and relevant previous employers (as appropriate). Please provide names and contact details for TWO people referees below. They should not be family members. One should be your present or last line manager (if applicable).

Reference 1

Reference 2


You are not required to answer these questions. They are here to assist us with our recruitment advertising. Whether you choose to answer them will not be considered when reviewing your application.