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Package Application (Individual)

This form is for Personal Current Account Holders signing up for a package on their account.

This application is for an INDIVIDUAL Package, and will only apply to Individual Accounts. If you would like to have a Package for Joint Accounts, you will need to apply for a Joint Package here.

Please be advised you will be required to upload a copy of your photo identification and any other supporting documentation with this application.

Before you apply, here are a few things we would like to make you aware of:

Terms and Conditions

Account Packages Available

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Customer Data Security

Privacy Policy

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Please note that the information provided below will be considered as current and will be used by the Bank for any communication to the Account Holder.
Dr / Mr / Mrs / Ms / Miss


Monthly Package fees will be deducted from this primary account, where applicable.
To be applied across all identified Customer Accounts. Basic (Free) or Premium (£1 per month)

Please list all INDIVIDUAL Accounts in your name and select the Package features you would like added

If you would like a Joint Account Package you will need to apply separately using the Joint Package Application
Please note: (1) Local Debit Cards and Overdrafts may not be held on Savings Accounts i.e. Term Savings, New Life and Child Bond. (2) The Overdraft feature may only be affiliated with one Current Account held by the Customer. (3) Customers with Online Banking will not be issued a Statement. (4) Where customers request a Statement, these will be emailed. Where the customer does not have an email address, a hardcopy will be issued through the post. Customers are reminded that, after the first free monthly statement, any additional statements will incur a fee of £6.00 each.
If you have opted for a Premium Package with Online Banking in the fields above, please select 'No'



It is hereby confirmed that:
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