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Bank of St Helena Tourist Card

Virtual Prepaid GBP Currency Card for Tourists

What is the Bank of St Helena Tourist Card?

Bank of St Helena's innovative solution to safe payment transactions on St Helena for our visitors

Giving you spending freedom on St Helena

St Helena is one of the most isolated destinations in the world, but we can make it easier for you to enjoy your time with us

  • Freedom to spend during your visit to St Helena
  • Accepted by over 80 establishments around St Helena
  • Quick monitoring of spend and easy top-up option
  • Unload your unspent funds when your visit ends

Here on St Helena, we are majority a cash-based society. At present, International Cards are only accepted in a small number of establishments, including a cash advance service with us at the Bank of St Helena to withdraw from an international card. There are no ATMs on the island.

To assist tourists visiting the island, Bank of St Helena will soon introduce the Tourist Card, an innovative solution to paying for goods and services around St Helena using a virtual bank card, downloadable to a mobile phone. Using this virtual card, tourists can tap into the island’s local card payment service known as St Helena Pay, a service available at over 70 establishments in Jamestown and around the island.

For more information on using International Cards on St Helena, click here.

How it works

Step 1

Complete application online (link coming soon)

Step 2

Download the App from either Google Play Store or Apple Store

Step 3

Load funds on to your Tourist Card using an International Card

Step 4

Start spending on St Helena using your unique QR Code accessible in the App

Step 5

Unload funds from your Tourist Card back to your International Card

Where Tourist Cards can be used

Tourist Cards will be accepted at over 80 establishments around St Helena, just keep a look out for our logo for St Helena Pay (Bank of St Helena’s local Card Payment Acceptance Service).

Please be advised that there are some shops and businesses around St Helena  who will not accept Tourist Cards and will require cash which can be obtained through the ‘Cashback Service’ at select stores around the island. This includes some restaurants, hotels, taxis and tours.

Getting Cash using a Tourist Card

Tourist Cards will allow customers to withdraw cash at all Banking locations including the Main Branch in Jamestown and St Helena Airport Kiosk. Simply present your card QR code stored on your mobile phone to the cashier, request the amount needed from the cashier, and enter our PIN to authorise.

Additionally, some of our partnering establishments accepting St Helena Pay offer cashback as part of their St Helena Pay service. Please be advised there might be a minimum purchase and a maximum withdrawal amount from some of the establishments.

There are no ATMs on St Helena to withdraw from your account.

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