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St Helena Pay Merchant Information

Benefits to your business
  • Direct payment for goods and services – no time wasted chasing bad debtors.
  • Fewer visits to the Bank – direct payments decrease the amount of physical cash you need to bank, and reduces the number of cheques you need to submit for processing.
  • Increased business – attract more sales by offering the Cashback service.
Did you know there are…
St Helena Pay Service Features

Services you will be able to offer your customers:


Accept Local Debit Card payment for good and services


An optional service you can offer to your customers


Transferred directly to the customer’s account


For hospitality businesses

What you need to provide
Check List
Here is what you need in your shop or business:

Your own internet access

  • Broadband or Leased Circuit

Wi-Fi modem or Wireless Access Point

  • iPods need to connect to internet

Spare LAN connection to your modem (or switch)

  • One for each Local Debit Card printer 

Laptop or PC host running Windows

  • Needs to be running during your business hours
  • You can use an existing PC 
    (new equipment not necessary)



Watch the following presentation to learn about having St Helena Pay Service in your business:
Business Support

We provide the following support service to participating business:

  • Terminal Equipment provision, which includes installation, training and repair/replacement service
  • Daily settlement from business establishment card account to nominated Business Current Account
  • St Helena Pay Services Helpline
  • Out of Business Hours Support – IT out of hours call out first hour £15.00, thereafter £7.50
  • Choose a Business Account package that includes Online Banking, so that you can closely monitor your Local Debit Card transactions
Transaction Charges

For every payment made using a Local Debit Card, a transaction fee of 0.85% will be applied to the Business.  This charge is capped at £3.00 per transaction. There is no transaction fee for Cashback transactions.

Apply, Amend or Cancel the St Helena Pay Service

Complete the below form if you would like to apply for the service, or amend and cancel your current service. 

For further information, contact us on customerservices@sainthelenabank.com

Completed forms must be returned to the Bank, either in the main branch, remote banking sites or kiosks. Click here for opening hours

Terms and Conditions

St Helena Pay Application

Use this form to Apply, Amend or Cancel your St Helena Pay Service

Contact Us

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