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Interest Rate: 7%

Repaid over a maximum of 30 years, depending on age of applicant

Bank of St Helena Ltd have two offers for first-time homeowners / mortgagors. Click here for more information


Sole applicants are eligible to apply for 3 times their annual salary.  Joint applicants are eligible to apply for 3 times the annual salary of the higher earner and 1 times the annual salary of the second applicant.

Mortgages (Housing) finance allow applicants to borrow 3 times their annual salary for the purpose of:


New Construction

Offers finance for new home project builds, covering  payments for materials, labour and transport. Total funding is dependent on applicant net income and the ability to afford the calculated repayments.

Alterations and Repairs

Small to medium loans offered to customers who need funding to refurbish their homes.

House Purchase

Allows customers to purchase a ready-built home. The Bank can only lend up to 85% of the value of the security.


Provides the opportunity for home owners to borrow funds secured on their homes for purposes such as Travel.

House Extensions

Suitable for customers who have completed their house and wish to build an extension.

Land Purchase

Allows customers to purchase land on which to build. If the land is being utilised as security the Bank can only lend up to 85% of its value.

If a valuation of land or a building is necessary, a fee will be payable by the borrower. 

Download our Loan Calculator to check the affordability of your mortgage. This will help you estimate your monthly repayment. For further details of loan calculations and repayment options, please contact our Lending team using the contact information provided below.

Lending Fees & Charges – Mortgages (Housing)
Application Processing Fee*£10
Administration Fee, up to £30,000£40
Administration Fee, £30,001 - £50,000£60
Administration Fee, £50,001 - £75,000£80
Administration Fee over £75,001£150
Cancellation Fee£10

*To be paid on submission of application

Ready to Apply?

Customers making an application must be a Bank of St Helena account holder.  What is needed:

  • Fully completed application form and a signed bank transfer to cover the application fee of £10
  • Pay slip
  • Decision notice
  • Contractors cost (where applicable)

Upon receiving an application, our Lending team will ensure that all the necessary documents are present and that the application form is completed in full.

Terms and Conditions

Guide for Applicants

Loan Calculator

Apply for a Mortgage Online

Download Mortgage Application Form

Need help completing your loan application form?  Please contact the Bank’s Lending team using the contact information provided below.

Personal loan processing can take between 2 – 3 weeks (10 – 15 working days)

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