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Direct Debit payments are a way of paying bills automatically.  It differs from a Standing Order in that the amount is variable, according to the bill amount, and in that the debit action is initiated by the Billing Organisation.

In essence, to use Direct Debits, the customer gives authority to the Bank to pay bills automatically from their account.  The customer can withdraw this authority at any time, but the Bank will settle from the customer’s nominated account and make payments based on the bills presented by the Billing Organisation.

The service contains a number of protections which ensure that:

  • Only organisations with an organised and reliable billing process can participate in the service
  • The customer has adequate opportunity to query and have the bill amended before it is settled
  • The customer can withdraw the authority at any time

If you have any queries about the operation of the Direct Debit Service, please contact us on accounts@sainthelenabank.com

Service Participation

Participants in the scheme are:

  • SURE Ltd (St. Helena and Ascension Island business units)
  • W A Thorpe & Sons Ltd
  • Solomon & Company (St. Helena) Plc
  • Connect St Helena Ltd
  • Rose & Crown Ltd

Terms and Conditions

For Customers

Mandate Form*

For Customer Registration

Mandate Amendment

For Customers

Direct Debit Cancellation Form

For Customers

Terms and Conditions

For Billing Organisations

Direct Debit Service Registration Form

For Billing Organisations

*Mandate forms are to be submitted to the Billing Organisation.

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