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Title of the document Online Banking Log-In Title of the document Tourist Card Log-in

Products and Services

Direct Debits

Direct Debit payments are a way of paying bills automatically with partnering Billing Organisations.

Standing Orders

A Standing Order is an instruction to the Bank by an account holder to pay a fixed amount at regular intervals to another account.


Cheques, like the Local Debit Card or physical cash, is an accepted form of payment for goods and services on St Helena and Ascension Island.

Cash Advance

Bank of St Helena can advance cash against Maestro, Visa Debit, Visa and Mastercard.

Exchange Rate

Exchange Rates for South African Rand, Euro and Dollars are published every Thursday for the following Monday.

Interest Rates

Bank of St Helena Interest Rates for available products and services

Personal and Commercial Lending

Available lending opportunities for individuals and businesses for both secured and unsecured requests

Remittance Payments

Transferring money from St Helena? The information required by Bank of St Helena and the associated fees.

Remittance Receipts

Transferring money to St Helena? Here is the required information for your overseas bank.

St Helena Pay

The St Helena Pay Service accepts Local Debit Card payments across St Helena.

Local Debit Card

Local Debit Cards are available for free for all Current Account holders and are accepted at various St Helena Pay establishments

Local Debit Card Support and Security

Advice for Local Debit Card Holders on keeping their information, payments and cards safe.

Online Banking

Online Banking gives you the ability to manage your money at any time from anywhere.

Tourist Information

Banking services on St Helena and Ascension Islands are provided by Bank of St Helena Ltd.

Rates, Fees and Charges

Applicable rates, fees and charges for Bank products and services