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Interest Rates

New Account Interest Rates effective 1st April 2021

Current Account                0.1%

Child Bond Account          4.0%

New Life Account              4.0%

Term Saving Account       0.6%


Bank of St Helena Base Rate

All interest rates on accounts and loans are derived from the current Bank of St Helena Base Rate.

Any change to the Bank of St Helena Base Rate results automatically in a change to all other rates, by the same amount.

When the bank needs to change the Base Rate it will publicise this change in the following ways:

  • By notice, displayed prominently in every office
  • By amending the page on its website where the interest rates are displayed (including this page)

The bank may also make known details of the change by other means, at its discretion, including announcements in the media.

Base Rate

Bank of St Helena Base Rate                                                4.0%


Current Accounts                                                                    0.1%

Child Bond Savings Accounts                                               4.0% 

New Life Savings Accounts                                                    4.0%

Term Savings Accounts                                                          0.6%


Personal Lending

Secured                                                                                      7.0%

Unsecured                                                                                 8.0%

Commercial Lending

Secured                                                                                      6.0%

Unsecured                                                                                  7.0%

Tourism Accommodation                                                       5.0%

Libor Rate                                                                                 Please Contact our Lending Section for the current LIBOR Rate


Business Overdrafts

Secured                                                                                        6.0%

Unsecured                                                                                    7.0%


Unauthorised Overdrafts                                                          10.0%