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Rates Effective From: Monday, 3rd August 2020

CurrencyBank NotesInternational Payments
Sell RateBuy RateRemittance Rate
EURO - European Union1.06941.14271.0860
ZAR - South Africa20.268023.418520.9148
ZAR is exchanged with a 2% Commission Charge
USD - United States of America1.22601.37431.2585
GBP - Great BritainGBP is exchanged with a 2% Commission Charge

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Exchanging Foreign Money into Local Money

Bank of St Helena is able to change, for St Helena Pounds, bank notes into the following world currencies:

GBP UK Pounds Sterling


EUR European Union Euro


ZAR South African Rand


USD United States Dollars



(Bank of St Helena Ltd does not accept the €500 bank note)


Changing Local Money into Foreign Money

Subject to availability, the bank is able to convert St Helena Pound to cash in the above currencies. 


About Local Currency

The currency in St Helena and Ascension is the Saint Helena Pound (ISO code ‘SHP’) which is linked at parity to the Great British Pound (Sterling, ISO code ‘GBP’). See the Bank’s Visitor Brochure for further information.



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