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Covid-19 Offers and Advice

Drop your Banking Forms in the Designated Boxes

Bank of St Helena Ltd strongly advises customers to use the Drop-in Boxes located to the left of the entrance in the main Bank, at the Wharf Kiosk and Remote Banking sites.

Tellers will continue to process Cash Withdrawals and Pay-in Requests at the counters for all banking sites, but it is recommended that other banking requests be completed using the drop-in system. Paperwork that can be dropped includes: Account Transfers, Bill Payments and Remittance Forms. 

Free Online Banking for Personal Account Holders

From 01 April, Online Banking will be available free of charge for all St Helena and Ascension personal customers for three months to assist with conducting banking online, and limit their need to visit the Jamestown branch or kiosks.

Not an Online Banking User? If you do not have Online Banking at this time, please download the relevant forms below, or contact us on customerservices@sainthelenabank.com or 22390 to request an application form and receive your free Online Banking offer. New Online Banking customers can cancel their package with the Bank at the end of the offer period.

The transactions you will be able to undertake through Online Banking include:

Statements and Balance Checks – Access your statements and check your real time balance at any time.

Local and International Account Transfers – Undertake your account transfers at your convenience for both local and international transfers.

Journals – Create, process and re-use journals; ideal for multiple, monthly recurring payments.

i-Mail – Contact us with any queries.

Sign-up for free Online Banking and limit your need to visit the bank. All forms must be returned to the Bank using the ‘Drop-in Box’ to the left of the entry door in the main Bank Hall or to a teller in the main Bank Hall or Wharf Kiosk. We will contact you for verification. 

For further information, contact us on customerservices@sainthelenabank.com.

Sign-up for Online Banking (Individual)

Sign-up for Online Banking (Joint)

3 Month Loan Freeze for Tourism Related Business Loans

Due to the potential impact of worldwide restrictions to combat COVID-19 and its effect on commercial entities, Bank of St Helena has agreed to freeze repayments on business loans that are linked to tourism for the next three months.  These sectors include:

  • Accommodation
  • Eateries / Restaurants
  • Tour Operators
  • Bars
  • Taxi Service

This Loan freeze will be available to businesses providing they are adhering to the Terms of their Facility Agreement. This freeze will be for both capital and interest repayments for the three month period and will result in the life of the loan being extended by three months at the end of term.

If your business does not fall under these categories but you can demonstrate how your business will be affected by the current restrictions, please contact us on 22390 or email commerciallending@sainthelenabank.com.

Automated Payment Services

Bank of St Helena Ltd offers customers a number of automated alternatives to paying by cash, or having to go to the Bank at all. These include:

Local Debit Card – Use your card to make payment for goods and services. Cashback services are available from participating stores. 

Standing Order Payments – Use our Standing Order service to make automated regular payments of a fixed amount.

Direct Debit Payments – Use this automated payment service to pay your bills with participating businesses. Enquire with us for further details.

Online Banking – Use this service to do it all! Check your balance, make local and international payments and create, process and re-use journals.

Sign-up for your Free Local Debit Card

Local Debit Cards are available to all customers, free of charge and can be used at all locations using the Local Debit Card Acceptance Service. Click here to see the full list of establishments offering the service. 

The transaction you will be able to undertake using your Local Debit Card include:

Sales – Use the Local Debit Card to make payment for goods or services purchased from any participating business.

Cashback – Participating establishments can offer cashback to their customers making payment by card.

Refunds – Participating business can also refund your payment automatically to your account should you return any goods to them. 

Pre-authorisation – This card feature will allow you and your service provider to set aside an agreed amount to reserve the services requested.

Sign-up for your free Local Debit Card and limit your need to visit the bank. All forms must be returned to the Bank using the ‘Drop-in Box’ to the left of the entry door in the main Bank Hall or to a teller in the main Bank Hall or Wharf Kiosk. We will contact you for verification. 

For further information, contact us on customerservices@sainthelenabank.com.

Personal Account Holder

Personal Account Holder (joint)

Business Account Holder

Use Telephone Card Services

Local Debit Card customers have access to our Telephone Card Services on 25335 for 24-hour automated card support. Using this service, you can:

  • Check your Account Balance
  • Activate your Card
  • Change your PIN Number
  • Change your Card Security Number
  • Block your Card

Click here for full ‘How to use Telephone Card Service’.

Keeping you Informed on Opening Hours

As a precautionary measure, the Airport Kiosk will be closed until further notice.

The Wharf Kiosk will be open as normal on Thursdays and Fridays (09:00 – 14:30) and will now open on Saturdays (08:30 – 12:30) to limit the queues in the main branch. 

The main branch will extend its opening hours on Saturdays from 08:30 – 12:30, giving customers more time to visit the bank and help minimise queues.

All banking sites have applications for Online Banking and Local Debit Cards for customers to sign-up.

The following dates and times are subject to change. This page will be updated with any changes. 

Main Branch:

Monday to Friday             08:45 – 15:00

Saturday                             08:30 – 12:30


Wharf Kiosk:

Thursday and Friday        09:00 – 14:30

Saturday                             08:30 – 12:30


Remote Banking:    

Longwood Enterprise Park      Tuesday       09:30 – 13:00

HTH Supermarket      Closed until further notice

ANRD, Scotland           Closed until further notice

Stay Safe

Here are some posters from the World Health Organisation on protecting yourself and others from getting sick. Click here for more advice and posters from the World Health Organisation. 

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