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Corporate Values


To be known as the financial cornerstone for the Island of St Helena, from which commercial and retail customers can safely build a prosperous economy.


To develop and deliver banking products and services that are appropriate, affordable and accessible to all.

Core Values

  1. Integrity – acting with a shared sense of purpose, serving our customers, stakeholders and employees with fairness, honesty and transparency.
  2. Engaging  – collaborating across all sectors of our community and stakeholders to better understand and respond to the challenges faced by businesses large and small.
  3. Improving – creating effective solutions through challenging and innovation to meet the needs of our customers and other stakeholders.
  4. Delivering – being committed to delivering a professional, appropriate and quality service to all our customers, stakeholders and employees.
  5. Commercially Minded – exercising good commercial judgement to meet the needs of the island whilst also staying focused on the need to drive economic benefit for the Bank of St Helena and its shareholders.
Use your Local Debit Card at the Ascension Branch

Ascension customers can now use their Local Debit Card at the Bank in Georgetown. Local Debit Cards are available for personal and business customers. Apply today by contacting the branch on 66123.