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Child Bond Savings Account

Investing in their Future

Giving them every opportunity.

Interest Rate 4% pa

Is this Account right for you?

4% interest per annum

  • Earn interest of 3.9% more than a Current Account
  • Exempt from withholding tax
  • The minor’s account is locked in saving until they reach 18 years

Conditions of the Child Bond Account

  • Withdrawals cannot be made on this account
  • Unlimited deposits
  • When the child reaches the age of 18 years, the account will convert to a current account, with the child being the account owner

How to open a child Bond Account

Customers who meet the Bank’s normal criteria for an account holder can open a Child Bond Account for a child aged 17 years or under.
It will be necessary to show family or legal guardian relationship, or have approval from the parent(s) or legal guardian.
Where the child is aged 16-17 years, he or she may open an account without an adults involvement.

Ready to apply for a Child Bond Account?

For further information, contact us on customerservices@sainthelenabank.com

Completed forms must be returned to the Bank, either in the main branch, remote banking sites or kiosks. Click here for opening hours

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