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A gift of financial independence for your teen with their very own debit card

About Start Smart Accounts and Cards

A Start Smart Account and Card is available to parents or legal guardians of children living on St Helena Island and Ascension Island aged 13 years to 17 years. A Start Smart Account is managed by the parent or legal guardian, and the Start Smart Card is in the name of the child and used by them. Start Smart Cards can be used at locations offering the St Helena Pay Service. 

Start Smart Accounts can only be opened by a parent or legal guardian of the child. A child cannot have more than one card in their name.

Start Smart Accounts can be managed and monitored using Online Banking. Those using Online Banking can both credit and debit the account. Money transferred to the Start Smart Account can only be done via the Primary Account (either Individual or Joint) stipulated in the application.  No other Account Holder will be permitted to transfer money to the Start Smart Account.

The parent / guardian will be required to sign the back of the Start Smart Card. Start Smart Cards cannot be used at the Bank Teller Stations to withdraw or pay-in to the account. Cards are also not permitted for Cashback Services. 

On the Child’s 18th Birthday, the remaining funds will be deposited into the parent or legal guardian’s account. Further information can be found in the Terms and Conditions found above. 

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