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Current Accounts

Assisting with your everyday banking needs


0.1% pa

Local Debit Card, Online Banking and Interest Free Overdraft

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0.1% pa

Local Debit Card, Online Banking, Cheque Book and Interest Free Overdraft

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Savings Account

Helping you save for the future

Child Bond

Investing in their Future
4% pa

Funds are locked until the child reaches the age of 18 years

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Term Savings

For your Short-Term Goals
0.6% pa

Earn a fixed rate of interest for a fixed term of 1 year

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New Life

Saving for your Future
4% pa

Earn interest by leaving your savings untouched until 60 or 65 years

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Personal banking customers with a Premium Package have access to the best banking features
  1. Local Debit Cards - linked to the current account(s) of your choosing and can be used at over 50 establishments around St Helena
  2. Online Banking* - skip a visit to the Bank and conduct all your local and international payments online from the comfort of your home
  3. £100.00 Interest Free Overdraft - access to extra funds just in case you run over your account balance without having to worry about the overdraft interest

*First-time Online Banking users will be eligible for a three-month free trial