Title of the document Online Banking Log-In


The following sections contribute to the business functions of the Bank

  • Teller – provides Teller services at the Branches and Kiosks for customer requests
  • Finance – provides accounts and payment services
  • Lending – manages all loan applications including, personal, mortgage and commercial
  • Human Resources  – manages all staffing activities and recruitment
  • Customer Services – provides support for customers
  • Marketing – manages and coordinates all promotional activities and resources for the Bank
  • IT – manages and maintains the bank’s IT infrastructure
  • Risk and Compliance – assesses the appropriateness of the Bank’s compliance procedures and guidelines
  • Internal Audit – regularly reviews Bank of St Helena’s financial results and systems, as well as adherence to approved policies and procedures. They report to the Audit and Risk Management Committee and undertakes internal auditing in accordance with the Financial Services Ordinance 2008

To acquire a broader understanding of our core activities and assistance with job opportunity enquiries, please contact us on customerservices@sainthelenabank.com or visit our Vacancies webpage.

Bank of St Helena Organisational Structure