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About Us

Opening Hours and Branch Information

We have branches on St Helena and Ascension, as well as kiosks and remote banking sites

Board of Directors

The Board sets the strategic aims and values for Bank of St Helena, providing leadership and control to enable the Bank to achieve its goals

Our Team

View our Organisational Chart to acquire a broader understanding of our core activities

Corporate Values

The financial cornerstone from which commercial and retail customers can safely build a prosperous economy for the island of St Helena


An Internal Auditor regularly reviews the Bank’s financial results systems and ensures adherence to approved Policies and Procedures

Director's Reports and Audited Financial Statements

Annual Director’s Reports and Audited Financial Statements from 2004 to 2019

Website Legal Information

This website is owned and edited by Bank of St Helena Limited, a company established under the laws of St Helena

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is provided to help you understand how we protect Customer Information.  We value all customers and take your privacy seriously

Customer Data Security

We takes customer security very seriously and employ a wide range of measures to help keep you protected. Here are some useful tips and advice to help you keep your data secure

Use your Local Debit Card at the Ascension Branch

Ascension customers can now use their Local Debit Card at the Bank in Georgetown. Local Debit Cards are available for personal and business customers. Apply today by contacting the branch on 66123.